Community Connection


Community Connection

Dance & Circle-Inspiration, Healing & Recharge

Call for Date 7-9:30pm

A Fun & Healing Journey of Movement, Breath, Sound, QiGung, Meditation, Prayer & Intention for both men and women

Dance the 5 Elements of Nature-Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Spirit up through the Chakra System.

* Utilize the Powerful Energy of the Eclipse & Healing Power of Group Energy

* Have Fun & Increase Energy, Joy & Connection

* Release Stress and Energy Blocks

* Energize your Intentions-Feel More Inspired & Recharge & Renew

$10-$20 Love Offering

Call for Location

Call Sharon McDaniel at 808-419-1197 or

photomeLed by Sharon McDaniel who is Certified in Yoga Meets Dance, Massage and Life Coaching. She has been a Bodyworker and Healing Facilitator for 25 years. She loves helping people open up their energy flow and increase spirit, fun, and connection.