Renewal Coaching


An Integrated Approach for Body, Mind & Spirit Wellness

Renewal Sessions are An Intuitive Combination of Life Coaching, Stress Management, Various Healing Tools, & Healing Bodywork & Movement

  • Feel more Clarity, Energy and Connection
  • Release Stress, Overwhelm and Pain
  • Get in Alignment with Your Divine Self

Receive a FREE 20 minute assessment to determine your needs.


Renewal Life Coaching Available via Phone or Skype

Renewal Life Coaching is about helping you get clear on what you love to do and creating a life and work you love.

  • I access 12 areas of your life, do self-exploration, look at creative options,
    and create a strategic plan of action.
  • I then help you follow through for more accountability and results.
  • I help you get clear, focused and energized, and manifest your dreams into reality.

 20 minute Free Intro session – Special Series-Call for special package pricing

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photomeSharon McDaniel is Certified in Yoga Meets Dance, Massage and Life Coaching. She has been a Bodyworker and Healing Facilitator for 20 years. She loves helping people open up their energy flow and increase spirit, fun, and connection.
“Sharon is an amazing coach and workshop facilitator. I experienced a major breakthrough during a session with her. Her presence and centeredness created such a safe place. If you are ready for the next level of your journey, call her.” Anne Houlihan, CA Business Owner

“Sharon is a wonderful intuitive healer. She knows just what to do for releasing and relieving pain and stress. She is very present with you and is an expert at many tools and methods. You feel safe, soothed and relaxed because she is very caring, generous and kind. I recommend her to everyone who is interested in improving your health and well-being.”   Lynne Joy McFarland Maui Spiritual Advisor, Health &Wealth Facilitator