Couples Coaching

Couples Coaching helps people connect in a deeper Spiritual, Romantic  and Sensual way for more enjoyment, pleasure, and feel more radiant. I share an incredible combination of the best of healing, life coaching, sensuality and tantra basics I’ve learned over 25 years as a Healing Facilitator.

This is done is a safe, sacred space where there are clear boundaries with clothes on. With the massage, you wear shorts and a tank top for more privacy. Learn how to work and play better together for more Spirit, Fun and Sensuality.

Call now for your Free ½ Hour Introductory Session at 808-419-1197 or                       e-mail

3 Session Package- 2 hours each session, then practice on your own.
Can be done once a week for 3 Weeks or in a 3 Day Intensive. Call for special pricing.

You learn how to:

1st Session covers: 
Review and Discuss Intake. Get clear on what is needed most.
Understanding the Male/Female dynamics. Develop better communication skills. Get more in touch with your needs and communicate them in loving, kind ways. Learn Easy Stress Release Exercises. Will start Sensuality/Tantra Basics if have time.

2nd Session covers:
Sensuality and Romance Basics-How to Create Sacred Space, Sacred Aromatherapy Anointing, Couples Yoga, Chakra and Sound Meditation, and Tantra Energy Breath Circuits. Start to Learn, practice and get feedback on the 6 Versions of the Sensual Love Touch. Learn to combine breathwork with your massage to take you to much higher spiritual level and connection.

3rd Session covers:
Practice more massage and touch with different Sensual Tools like Soft Wool Love Mitts, Feathers and Aroma Therapy. Review, ask questions, and integrate all you’ve learned the last 2 sessions. Conclude with a fabulous Sensual Food Feast to Celebrate your Connection.

There is also more Advanced Couples Training available that we can discuss.

The intention of all these sessions is to ignite you and your partner’s passion, spirituality, connection, fun and ultimate pleasure in a safe, sacred way.

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