Healing Movement

Healing Yoga, Movement and Meditation


A Healing Journey of Yoga, Movement, Breath, Sound, QiGung, Meditation and Intention to:

* Increase Energy, Joy and Well Being

* Release Stress, Pain and Energy Blocks

* Get more Connected and Revitalized

The Yoga is a Healing Therapeutic Style that is slow, deep stretches with breath and awareness. I also share some special acupressure points and other healing tools for stress and pain relief.

It is perfect for those who are beginners, have injuries,
or are older who need a slower, healing pace.

The Healing Movement is a Synergy of Many Different Styles
including Chi Gung and Dance of the 5 Elements of Nature.

It’s Easy, Healing, Fun, Connecting, and Energizing.

Call for Current Class Times and Locations 

Price: $15 per class (sliding scale available if needed)

Call Sharon McDaniel at 808-419-1197 or hwgoddess@yahoo.com

photomeLed by Sharon McDaniel, certified in Yoga Meets Dance, Massage and Life Coaching. She has been a Bodyworker/Healing Facilitator for 20 years. She loves to help people increase joy, energy, connection, and happiness in their lives.