Tantra Dance&Touch

For Both Women and Men-Singles and Couples

Call for Dates to Come

Energy, Joy, Bliss & Connection…

This gathering is a fun, deliciously sensual journey of movement, breath, sound, awakening of the senses, and touch to renew and rejuvenate.

* 5 Elements Tantra Dance to warm-up-Release Stress & Have Fun

*Tantra Touch-Playful, Yummy, & Heart-Opening exercises

* Enjoy an evening Massage Party receiving Beautiful, Healing Touch

Note: We create clear, heart centered boundaries with no sexual touching.


Pre-Registration Required

$25 per person pre-registered $30 at door

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Sharon McDaniel is certified in Yoga meets Dance, Massage, and Life Coaching. She has been a BodyWorker/Healing Facilitator for 25 years. She has synergized Movement, Breath, Sound, Life Coaching, Massage, Meditation, Sensuality and Tantra. She loves helping people increase Energy, Joy, Bliss and Connection.