“She is a amazing coach and workshop facilitator. I experienced a Major breakthrough during a session with her. Her presence and centeredness creates such a safe place. If you are ready for the next level of your journey, call her.” Anne Houlihan, CA

“Her energy and joy seeps right into you through her energy dance work and her coaching.  You can’t help but walk away encouraged and invigorated!”   Theresa Salihu, Founder of Inspire, Inc., North Carolina

“Imagine a safe place where you can dance freely and ecstatically with no concerns about looking stupid- with no “learned” steps.  Imagine tension rolling off of you like waves.  Imagine joyful communication without words. That’s the healing space that she provides.” Diane G, North Carolina

“I was truly fortunate to experience her excellent coaching skills and to actively participate in her joyful Spirit Dance as part of the Life Purpose Institute training program.  I found her to be caring and supportive as well as creative and imaginative. She brings energy and light to all that she does and she does it with enthusiasm. I look forward to attending a Rejuvenation Retreat in the future…If anyone can combine healing with fun….that would definitely be her!!!” Camille Johnson – New York

“Loved the Elements dance! I loved the flavor and creativity you brought to the table.  Thanks for your ability to be present and your leadership throughout our phone calls.  Your authentic self is amazing and thank you for sharing it with us.” Laura Rice, CA

“I found her warm sense and presence during my training to be a great comfort. She is a very fun, spirited holistic soul.” Pam, New Jersey

“My husband and I attended one of her “Love Mitz Parties.” She taught us a simple and easy sequence to use when massaging with the Love Mitz. My husband and I had the most incredible evening we’ve had in a very long time. We felt very nurtured and had a delightful experience. She has a talent for making everyone comfortable with her gentle ways and safe environment. She made the entire evening flow in a comfortable and non-threatening way. Please try to go, you’ll really be glad you did!!” ~*Sparkle, CA

“I attended one of her Women’s Spa Day last month and it was awesome. She is a total master at what she does. I immediately felt relaxed and comfortable in her beautiful presence and home/garden/pool environment! The day was a delicious treat that fed a part of me I had suppressed for a while – the wonderful soft feminine side of us that we tend to ignore while pushing hard in our business worlds!! So do yourself a favor and indulge in this fabulous day! You’ll be so glad you did. Cheers, Mari Smith, CA

“Did I tell you that your Women’s Day was awesome. You really create a safe, loving environment for women to enjoy their spiritual freedom and each other’s company.”Love and Light, Tashiawna, CA

“Every woman here today was here for a reason-and what a beautiful celebration! I really, really liked the dancing in the morning and the fire circle in the end. I enjoyed most the comfort and energy of the environment. I felt like I could completely 100% be myself. I could let go and nobody cared. Most of all, I enjoyed her in every way! Her attitude, energy, and spirit are amazing and beautiful! Thank you for helping me-not only to heal, but to realize that it is a process and it takes time.”Christina, CA

“I was very impressed with your day…you did a great job organizing everything and holding the space for all of us to nurture and be nurtured! You handled all with loving presence. Thank you and Bless you. I particularly loved the fire ceremony with that great fireplace and the powerful “Ommming” we did! Thanks again for all your loving efforts to create a very healing and powerful day.” Amalya, CA

“Thanks so much for a beautiful day. You, my sister are a true representation of Love and Light. I appreciate you very much 🙂 I enjoyed the Freedom of the day, the amazing music, the peacefulness of your property and the love that naturally flowed by just being in your beautiful home.”Jen El, CA

“I have had the pleasure to lead extraordinary coaching workshops with this inspirational woman and the spirit, energy, generosity and intention that she brought to our work was just beautiful. She is a wonderful partner and a great coach and anyone who is fortunate enough to share time with her will be truly thankful.” Peace, possibility and abundance, Mj, New York